Welcome To The Jewett Street School PTG

We’re glad you found us!  Our new website is the place to find out about all upcoming PTG events and more.

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.”

William Butler Yeats

The PTG has the following positions open for the 2017-2018 school year:
TREASURER: The treasurer is an officer of the PTG, and is thereby very involved in meetings and activities. The treasurer keeps the books, balances the bank statements, writes checks and enters them and all deposits. A background is accounting is helpful but not necessary for this position.

SPIRIT SHOP COORDINATOR: Like to shop? This one’s for you! The spirit shop coordinator is a very important member of the PTG, and is encouraged to attend meetings. Our Spirit Shop gives your children a chance to shop for fun and useful items from our cart at school, and allows you to order Jewett clothing and gear. The coordinator takes care of scheduling the spirit shop dates and procuring volunteers to assist on shop dates. Currently the coordinator also places all orders and delivers them at school to send home with the children.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Calling all people persons! The volunteer coordinator keeps everything running smoothly for events and is encouraged to attend meetings. This position is great for someone who loves to talk with people and encourage them to come be part of the fun of creating events or helping run events. The volunteer coordinator also keeps a running list of the things people have volunteered to do (bake, sell raffle tickets, etc) and they contact people each time an event is being planned to see if they would like to help out.

PRINT MEDIA COORDINATOR: Who wants to copy, collate and disperse? The print media coordinator is an excellent position for someone looking to get their feet wet in a volunteer role. We’d love to see you at the meetings, but it’s not essential. This position is all about making copies of the flyers that come home, and dispersing them to the teachers’ mailboxes along with any communications from the district. There is a bit of flexibility to this position in that it can be done either Monday morning or afternoon. All forms that need to be copied or collated will be ready to go. You would want a helper or two; recruit your own or maybe talk with the volunteer coordinator.

TIGER BUCKS STORE COORDINATOR: Shopping and kids and tiger bucks…OH MY! Tiger bucks are little Jewett Tiger dollars that your kids earn while in school for doing all sorts of things; and the tiger bucks store is where they can spend their loot! This is another great ‘get your feet wet’ position!! The tiger bucks store is only run 3 times a year, and it only goes for about 4 hours; we’d love to see you at meetings, but it’s not essential. The TBS coordinator sets the dates for the store (Normally in Nov., Feb, May) and recruits 2-3 helpers (or check with the volunteer coordinator). Set up can take a little time, but the excitement on the kids’ faces is all worth it!!

YEARBOOK COORDINATOR: Each year the 5th grade graduating class is presented with a yearbook for a keepsake. Having a coordinator for the creating of this yearbook is essential for handing out tasks and keeping people accountable. Recruit a good sized volunteer base to assist with photos of events, sports teams, and candids of the 5th grade classes in action. This is a great position for someone who wants to work behind the scenes!! We’d love to see you at meetings, but it’s not essential.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Our own Michelle Pisacane heads up the show when it comes to the fundraisers, but even with her super awesomeness she could use some help! Please consider becoming a member of the fundraising committee and help with the fall and spring fundraisers, as well as several passive fundraisers that happen throughout the year. Passive fundraisers include Script gift card ordering, Family nights at Chuck E Cheese, and things like that. We’d love to see you at the meetings, but it’s not essential.

Please feel comfortable and confident in throwing your name in the hat for any of these positions. People are here to help you learn and acclimate, and you’ll find you make some pretty great friends in the process.

Not ready for a position but still want to have a responsibility with the PTG?
We have Chair positions open throughout the year. What’s a chair position? This is when you volunteer to head up an event. You’ll have lots of help from other members of the PTG, but you get the chance to make your mark, voice your opinions and take a real role in shaping the event. Please consider Chairing one of these events for the 2017-2018 school year:
Ice Cream Social
Family Fun Night
Movie Night
Holiday Shop
Bingo Night
Tall & Small Dance
5th grade BBQ
Holiday Food Boxes
Teacher Appreciation week

Please note below what position or event chair you would be interested in and people will be voted in. Come join the fun!